New Product Alert - Whelen Workside
By Enforcement One News Desk
December 5, 2023

Improve emergency scene and work zone visibility with our new WorkSide™ light! WorkSide lights are a game-changer when it comes to illuminating the immediate perimeter of your vehicle. Light is projected down and out, so your workspace is clearly visible, without causing any eye discomfort or blinding glare when looking at it straight on. Whether you’re a firefighter responding to an emergency or a DOT worker attending roadside repairs, WorkSide ensures optimal visibility around your vehicle, making your job safer and easier.

WorkSide lights are quick to install, sleek, and low-profile for easy mounting on virtually any area of a vehicle, including tight spaces where depth is a concern. And its compact, space-saving design makes it ideal for any emergency, work, or utility vehicle. By providing exceptional work zone illumination and improved visibility around a vehicle’s perimeter, WorkSide creates a safer working environment for first responders, utility workers, and motorists.

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